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Woman Holding up her HandAnger is a natural emotion that every human experience. Unfortunately, anger can also cause people to lash out and act violently both through words or threats and even through physical contact. These types of actions do have severe consequences like assault and battery charges, and there are specific legal charges for when these actions take place among family members.

Being wrongly accused of assault could potentially damage your reputation, as well as negatively impact your life forever. Typically, the use of a gun or other deadly weapon in such an incident may warrant the elevation of the charges as it considerably heightens the threat of permanent bodily or emotional harm to the victim. Accusations of such a serious crime would alone be enough to disrupt your life, but a conviction would have inescapable and permanent consequences.

Aggressive Defense of Your Rights

Consequences of Conviction

Due to the dangerous nature of aggravated assault, the criminal justice system casts a harsh light on those who are convicted. The penalties if you are unable to mount a successful defense may include:

  • Incarceration for a period of several years

  • Substantial fines

  • Loss of property

  • Loss of basic rights

  • Irreparable harm to your reputation

It is important to hire a criminal defense attorney before it is too late. Immediate action is necessary. If you have been wrongly charged, an attorney will greatly increase your chances of proving your innocence.

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