“Superb Excellent Attorney”

Mrs. Walker is an excellent attorney. She got me an acquittal. As a former DA, she understands the way prosecutors think in a unique way that will give the defendant an advantage or the outcome your seeking. I recently recommended her to a friend as a matter of fact. She is very wise. If you want to WIN, select her!

“Excellent Attorney”

I have been working with Mekisha on my DWI case. The process is extremely cumbersome but Mekisha has done an amazing job assisting me through the process. She is well spoken, believes in communicating the facts and has very good relationships among her peers (judge, other attorneys, bailiffs, etc etc). Recently, she filed a motion for me to get a travel permit that everyone assured me the Judge would deny. However, Mekisha documented my circumstances in such a way that the Judge agreed to the permit. She is classy, knows the law inside and out and extremely professional.

With her by your side, you will feel much more confident! She is well worth it!

“Phenomenal Attorney!”

I hired Mekisha because of her outstanding reputation and I wanted to ensure that I would have a positive outcome! Mekisha is an attorney who knows her way around the court room and consistently exhibits great skill and knowledge with a friendly, direct approach. All of her efforts on my behalf are greatly appreciated. Thank you, Mekisha! I highly recommend Mekisha! She is a phenomenal attorney!

“Heavyweight champion in the Court”

Glad I was referred to Ms. Walker because she did not disappoint. I was faced with two felony charges which both got dismissed thanks to Ms. Walker. I highly recommend retaining her because she listens, is professional, considers the facts and goes above & beyond to fight for her clients in court without backing down. Need legal representation… Atty Mekisha Jane Walker is the ANSWER!

“Mekisha is the Absolute Best!”

I would highly recommend Mrs. Walker, she got my case dismissed out of nowhere, and did an amazing job at giving me a second chance at life. If you are looking for a lawyer to get you out of a tight spot, I would not even dare to look any further. Mrs. Mekisha Jane Walker has literally given me a second chance at life and I will be forever grateful for everything she has done.


I was facing my 1st felony charge for possession and decided to hire her. She got me the best deal possible and the end result of everything was a dismissal of my charge. I would recommend having her as your attorney if you’re looking for good counsel who will work hard to make sure you get the best result possible for your case.


Mekisha was the absolute best! I was facing double charges on an assault and criminal trespassing. As soon as I hired Mekisha, she hit the ground running immediately working the case. Before the second court date appearance, Mekisha got both of my charges completely dismissed by continuously working the case with prosecutors and I didn’t have to appear in court for the second date. She is very professional and you truly feel a lawyer who cares about your position and will fight dearly to get you the results you deserve. She handles herself well with the prosecutors and they really seem to respect her experience and abilities. I am very grateful to Mekisha, A lawyer like Mekisha is an absolute rarity and feel the money for my defense was well spent! Thank you again Mekisha!


Mekisha Walker is one of the most professional, efficient and organized people I have worked with. She was extremely responsive to all my communications as well as providing regular updates on the legal issue. I highly recommend Mekisha.

“The best in the west”

When you deal with over stepping cops and need help call her!!! She had my charges dropped.

“Fantastic Lawyer”

When my family and I met Mrs. Walked for my DUI case, we immediately knew she was the right fit for us. She is very genuine and straight forward, and we appreciate that very much. Mrs. Walker informed us of all of our options and which one would be the best for me for my case. She was able to get me into the Diversion program, which I completed. My case was dismissed and I didn’t have to go to court she took care of everything. Mrs. Walker is a great lawyer and I’m so thankful for everything that she has done for me. If your looking for a straight forward genuine lawyer who looks out for you Mrs. Walker is the one.