“Very Professional”

I was in a very tough situation, and things were not looking good at all for me. Mekisha was always there when I needed her even if it was late in the evening to help in anyway she could. Without the help of Mekisha I could could been in a far worse situation then I am now. She was able to get me an outcome that was far better then I was thinking I would have gotten. Thank you very much Mekisha!!

“Such a wonderful and brilliant attorney”

I needed a consultation from Mr. Walker, and when I met her, she calmed me down with her legal advises and give me hints to think more logical.

Definitely I will hire her because such great person is rare in this world.

“Tough, Skilled Fighter”

Mekisha is a tough, skilled fighter who is very deliberate in her guidance and approach. I was in a unique situation that could have had a huge negative impact on both my professional and personal life. This was one of the darkest times of my life. The stress it created is one I’ve never felt before, but the faith and confidence I had in Mekisha went a long way in alleviating my anxiety and worry. It’s impressive how well-respected she is by judges, prosecutors and the district attorney’s office. The strong relationships she has developed with these key people are especially evident in her ability to work with them to get things done. She worked passionately on my case and truly went above and beyond anything I could have ever imagined at every point in the process. All of this led to my case being DISMISSED!

Having never been involved in a situation like this, it was tough making a decision knowing that who I hired would have a big impact on my case. I work alongside a lot of corporate attorneys for a living, but I had no idea who to go to for help in this type of situation. After reading reviews like this and spending hours of research, I picked Mekisha. I COULD NOT HAVE MADE A BETTER DECISION! Thank you Mekisha for everything you’ve done for me – I’m forever indebted to you!

“Excellent Services”

Mrs. Mekisha Jane Walker has been an amazing guide to me during my legal journey. She is an extremely determined individual and I would not reccomend anyone but her. Thank you Mrs. Walker for all of your assitance!

“Stand up for what is right!”

Ms. Walker immediately came to my defense and got my case dismissed. Ms Walker is very professional and personal. When she took time out of her weekend to make certain I was ok with what was happening I knew she was the right attorney to take on my case. I truly appreciated how she stood up to the DA in my defense. Ms. Walker is a smart savvy attorney. Love her fortitude and desire to fight for what is right.

“Superb Excellent Attorney”

Mrs. Walker is an excellent attorney. She got me an acquittal. As a former DA, she understands the way prosecutors think in a unique way that will give the defendant an advantage or the outcome your seeking. I recently recommended her to a friend as a matter of fact. She is very wise. If you want to WIN, select her!

“Excellent Attorney”

I have been working with Mekisha on my DWI case. The process is extremely cumbersome but Mekisha has done an amazing job assisting me through the process. She is well spoken, believes in communicating the facts and has very good relationships among her peers (judge, other attorneys, bailiffs, etc etc). Recently, she filed a motion for me to get a travel permit that everyone assured me the Judge would deny. However, Mekisha documented my circumstances in such a way that the Judge agreed to the permit. She is classy, knows the law inside and out and extremely professional.

With her by your side, you will feel much more confident! She is well worth it!

“Phenomenal Attorney!”

I hired Mekisha because of her outstanding reputation and I wanted to ensure that I would have a positive outcome! Mekisha is an attorney who knows her way around the court room and consistently exhibits great skill and knowledge with a friendly, direct approach. All of her efforts on my behalf are greatly appreciated. Thank you, Mekisha! I highly recommend Mekisha! She is a phenomenal attorney!

“Heavyweight champion in the Court”

Glad I was referred to Ms. Walker because she did not disappoint. I was faced with two felony charges which both got dismissed thanks to Ms. Walker. I highly recommend retaining her because she listens, is professional, considers the facts and goes above & beyond to fight for her clients in court without backing down. Need legal representation… Atty Mekisha Jane Walker is the ANSWER!

“Mekisha is the Absolute Best!”

I would highly recommend Mrs. Walker, she got my case dismissed out of nowhere, and did an amazing job at giving me a second chance at life. If you are looking for a lawyer to get you out of a tight spot, I would not even dare to look any further. Mrs. Mekisha Jane Walker has literally given me a second chance at life and I will be forever grateful for everything she has done.