“Great, Quick Resolution”

After being charged with assault to a family member, I contacted Mekisha to discuss the case. After consulting with Mekisha, I ended up hiring her due to her familiarity and relationships within the court where my case was being tried. She explained in detail the things that needed to happen to help me re-establish contact with my wife. I hired her late afternoon on a Wednesday and followed her advice. By mid-day Friday my case was dismissed with conditions and the no-contact condition of my bond was dropped. I was able to speak with my wife and start the process of reconciliation. I could not have hoped for a better outcome!

“Best lawyer ever!!!! Dwi case”

Mrs. Walker worked really hard to get my case dismissed after my 1st attorney was unable to fulfill their obligation to represent me. She was on time and present to all of my hearings and made me feel at ease throughout the entire process. Her fees were reasonable and she offered a payment plan. I cannot thank Mrs Walker enough and will highly recommend her to anyone!!! Thank you again Mrs. Walker

“I could not believe it!”

I was expecting to get the same rehearsed line i’ve been given by other attorneys in the past with a really nice apology attached to it but… i was absolutely wrong! When she told me my case was dismissed I could not believe it! I was expecting a few resets and a couple of months worth of jail time and again I was wrong. I am extremely impressed and greatful!

Thank you very much!

“Results Driven”

I hired Mekisha for a 2nd DWI. I couldn’t have asked for better results. No jail time, no community service, no probation!! I would highly recommend!!

“Best DWI Lawyer of All Time!”

Mekisha went way above and beyond in every aspect. From getting me out of court early to pursuing all possible leads in my case she truly did everything in her power to help me. Not to mention she got my DWI case totally dismissed! Absolutely the best lawyer to hire and while I hope I never need one again, I will definitely hire Mekisha Walker if it do.

“A step above the rest; Strongly recommended! DWI / BWI”

I turned to Mekisha Walker when I found myself in a situation where while I was innocent of the charges, the law enforcement agency was providing a very convincing argument. I was certain it would be impossible to defeat.

During my entire process Mekisha was very professional and always kept me up to date with any new information or options related to my case. Instead of suggesting that I take the easy way out she asked that I put my faith in her ability to get my case dismissed.

Mekisha was much more persistent in discussing a dismissal with the courts than other attorneys have stated that they would have been in a similar situation. Ultimately after all of her hard work Mekisha was able to provide an argument to the courts that convinced them to dismiss the case prior to trial.

She was a godsend to me and I would strongly recommend her to anyone needing legal representation.

“The Lebron James Of Lawyers”

I was charged with a felony last year and I was worried I was going to loose my entire life. Mrs. Walker literally saved my life and calmed me down and told me to trust her. I was looking at best a 2 year deferred sentence and I was getting down on myself. Well After reset after reset Mrs. Walker did the impossible and got a dismissal out of no where. This came such a surprise to me that i screamed out of happiness. There are no words to describe what this lady has done for me. Mrs. Walker has a swag to her that no other lawyer has. She walks around the courthouse like she owns it. She never lets anything get to her and always stays positive. Mrs. Walker I owe everything to you and if theres anyone even thinking of hiring a lawyer DO NOT LOOK BEYOND MRS. WALKER. YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED.


I had a misdemeanor charge for failure to give information regarding an accident. Attorney Walker went to work and got my case dismissed! She is very professional and always returns call and texts. Great lawyer and I highly recommend!

“Excellence at its best!”

I have never been in trouble before and I really didn’t know what to do.I went to court and I was told I needed to be represented by a lawyer.I contacted Ms. Walker and it was the best decision I could have made. I had no knowledge of the law and she explained everything to me so that I could understand . She fought long and hard for months turning into a year and had my case dismissed.I would advise anyone who is looking for s criminal attorney to look Ms. Walker up .I’m am very pleased with the outcome of my case and the services she provided. So if you ever get in a jam and need a criminal attorney Ms. Walker is the one for you.

“Highly recommend Attorney Walker”

I saw Attorney Walker at court and she left a great first impression on me. Out of all the attorney’s there she was the only one who arrived before court to speak to her client and at that moment I knew she was the one I needed to defend my relative. After I hired her we only went to court once and within a month the case was dismissed. She went back and forth with the DA until all charges were dropped. I am extremely happy with her services and will recommend her to anyone.