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Expunctions Attorney in Houston, Texas

Pen Signing PaperCriminal convictions are not the only actions found on someone’s criminal record. In fact, if an individual was simply arrested but later found not guilty either by a jury or because there was not enough evidence to go to trial, his or her record can still be tarnished. If this happens, it can damage a person’s reputation and possibly affect his or her ability to obtain employment. You should consider expungement. Expunction of certain criminal records can enable an individual to deny that they have been arrested and will prevent any agency from releasing information about such records. Expungement cases are actually considered civil suits where the plaintiff petitions the courts to have his or her criminal record cleared. To learn more or for help with an expunction case, contact Mekisha Jane Walker and today to take control of your future.


If a case cannot be expunged, it is possible that you can have it sealed from public view. This is called a non-disclosure. The granting of a non-disclosure order by a judge will allow your background to be clear for background checks, making employment easier. Non-Disclosure cases are heard before the same criminal judge was the criminal case at issue was originally heard. To learn more or for help sealing your record, contact Mekisha Jane Walker today to take control of your future.

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