Assault/Aggravated Assault

Anger is a natural emotion that every human experiences. Unfortunately, anger can also….

Domestic Violence

Many people don’t realize that calling the police in the heat of a domestic dispute….

Drug Crimes

Crimes involving the possession, trafficking, or creation of illegal drugs and narcotics are….


Choosing a DWI lawyer with the right experience is one of the most important decisions….


Criminal convictions are not the only actions found on someone’s criminal record….

Internet Crimes

State and federal governments are aggressively prosecuting internet crimes. Currently….

Probation Violations

When on probation, it is extremely important to comply with all the conditions, but….

Sexual Assault

Static report that someone is sexually assaulted in the United states every two….

Theft/Fraud/Credit Card Fraud

If you are found to be in possession of stolen property, or are determined to have made….

Weapon Offenses

In the state of Texas it is illegal to carry certain weapons without proper registration or….

Evading Arrest

Non-Co-operation with police and legal entities can get you in lots of trouble. Get your….


Harassment is often done by a known person to another. Whether in-person or online, we….

Hit and Run

Hit and run refers to a driver hitting another vehicle, animal, or a person and flees the scene….


Kidnapping is among the most serious criminal offenses in Texas. Unfortunately, many….


We believe in giving justice to the victims and preventing an innocent from false accusations….

Resisting Arrest

Whether from sheer dread, failure to understand the instructions or aggravated assault….


With the digital age, stalking has become one of the most prominent methods of harassment….


When it comes to trespassing laws in Texas, there are multiple rules and regulations for illegal trespassing….