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The Importance of Working with an Experienced Probation Violation Attorney

Walker Law Office Jan. 12, 2022

When on probation, it is extremely important to comply with all the conditions, but it is not always that easy. When the officer supervising you believes that you have violated a condition, it is very easy for them to have you put in jail. Then you have to fight your way out.

In many cases, we can fight the allegations or agree to comply with additional conditions, resulting in the reinstatement of your probation. If drug or alcohol addiction is the source of the problem, we may be able to get treatment instead of a revocation resulting in jail time.

If you are reading this, you’re likely already on probation and have conditions that you were given and expected to comply with at some time in the past. If you are having difficulty complying with the conditions, this needs to be addressed before your officer files a violation, causing a warrant to be issued for your arrest. Once a violation has been filed, there are more limitations on options. I can try to stop the State from filing a violation at all. The longer you wait, the harder it becomes to negotiate your situation. It is sometimes helpful for your attorney to speak with the probation officers assigned to the court. These officers are different than the officers you are assigned to report to in the field. These officers work for the judge and actually type up the warrants to have persons arrested on probation violations. Explanations to these officers can sometimes help keep you out of jail. If this has already happened to a family member or loved one who is now in jail, then you are probably in need of an attorney immediately.

If you have a “Motion to Revoke” your probation filed, this means you are on regular probation and the Judge can legally deny a bond and hold you in jail at a “No Bond” until your attorney and the court can agree on a resolution.

If you are on Deferred Probation, then you will have a “Motion to Adjudicate Guilt” filed against you for the alleged violation of your Deferred. Under the law, the Judge must set a bond for an alleged violation of Deferred Adjudication Probation. I can help get a bond set or the bond reduced if one is already set.

With a probation violation, there are sometimes things you can do to show the Judge that you can actually comply with the conditions. This is easier to do when you are out on bond and not in jail.

In the event that you have been charged with an additional crime during your supervision period, the process becomes more delicate and complex. Steps must be taken to ensure that both the supervision violation charges and those for the new charge are addressed.

In either case, having an attorney diligently investigate the details of your probation conditions and the circumstances surrounding your violations can significantly mitigate any additional penalties or jail time you could be facing. Mekisha Jane Walker is a dependable criminal defense attorney who has years of experience defending Houstonians who have been accused of crimes. If you’re facing potential penalties because of violated probation terms, contact Mekisha Jane Walker today.